Custom Design

At Legacy Jewelers, you’ll find our jewelry is unique and impressive, from simple and basic pieces to creative and imaginative.  We have a wide selection of jewelry in 14 karat white and yellow gold, two-tone styles, 18 karat, and platinum.

Your Vision, Our Product

Often our pieces are inspired by our customers’ visions. We are happy to guide you along in designing and creating your own perfect piece of jewelry. From unique bridal jewelry to one-of-a-kind hand-crafted pendants, Legacy Jewelers will meet all of your jewelry needs.

Our style focuses on the beauty of natural colored stones with unique design characteristics and emphasizes the rarity of the stone in focus. We accent our pieces using fine top-grade premium cut diamonds.

Custom Design Jewelry:


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TahitianPearl TourmalinePendant RightHandDiamondRing IndicoliteTourmaline rainbowSapphireBracelet EmeraldCutSapphireandDiamondRing Cat'sEyeChrysoberyl HeartShapedPinkSapphireandDiamondRing AquamarineRing BiColoredTourmaline